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Relaxing at the #palaceoffinearts ✌️#sanfrancisco #adventure (at Palace of Fine Arts)
Jul 31 - 274

Piet Mondrian, Gray Tree, 1912
Jul 31 - 80

my dorm is so photogenic
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Jul 31 - 1837

Tell me – how is it that you’re always around even when you’re not? How is it that my hands are still shaking and yours are on another girl’s body?
How is it that I can see you in the sky? Was it in the soft of your lips? The pink curvature of your mouth that swallowed me whole? Fuck, til this day I swear I still feel the traces of your lips smoothing my collarbones.
Tell me you miss me. Tell me you miss my smile – the smile that made your heart leap out of your chest and explode into a myriad of butterflies. Tell me I’m not the only one with mountain shaped bruises on my heart. Tell me I’m not the only one shuffling through crowds hoping to see your face at the end of the line like you always have been.
Because god damnit, I’ve been sitting on this worn down couch and replaying the memories of us here – the spot where the brilliance of the illuminating night sky shone through the cascading windows and where your fragile fingers laced mine and where you whispered in my ear and where you lips grazed mine for the very first time. I swear to god I felt like ecstasy was pumping through my veins that night, like every atom of my being was set ablaze from nerve cell to nerve cell.
It’s always been you, hasn’t it?
Right now it’s two thirty in the morning and I’m a little drunk, but I’m still thinking of you. Baby, won’t you tell me that you miss me, too?
- Jennifer P., Thirty-six letters and counting
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Jul 31 - 1868

Moon in The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh for more B&W click here
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Brand New’s mic stand.
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